dissabte, 16 de maig de 2015


Breaking Bad Review 
Oral Presentation TDR

These two are the post that I am more proud.

The first one is about a review about a series called Breaking Bad which is a very well known for everybody who likes series.
I'm proud of it because I think that I did a very good synopsis, I mean that the structure is clear, the text shows personal opinions about the series and incentives you to what it.

The second one is my last oral presentation in this high school so that why I choose it, nevertheless I think that is in that presentation were I showed off all my speaking potential. It was almost everything improvised I think that I did it pretty well. I have to say that do this presentation was the easier  presentation in 2Bat, I almost didn't prepare anything because I already knew it from my TDR.

My ENGLISH PROGRESS from 2013-2015

1.1 Compare your first written document (email to teacher) and your last composition.

Comparing to my first written post ever (email to teacher) I can see huge different between my last post which is about reddit and the first one.
I remember myself when I rote the email to teacher I didn't know exactly what to write, I just said a lot of nonsense words actually. But by practising my English blogs I have improved a lot.
The structure of reddit's post is way better than the first one and this is because all the improvement that I have done during my blogs.

1.2 Compare your first oral presentation and your final oral presentation.

My first oral presentation was about the initiation ritual of Mafia. It was my first time ever I did a presentation with prezi and in English so I did many mistakes. I remember myself being so nervous about to speak in front the class that I had to memorize the entire text because I was really bad improvising and I didn't want my mind to go blank.
The last oral presentation was about my TDR, so I didn't had to memorize anything actually, I knew everything about my project so I improvised during the presentation (a thing that I have learned during Batxillerat) and I think that I did it pretty well. Of course I did mistakes but none of them were were that bad.

diumenge, 10 de maig de 2015

Reddit: the front page of the internet

Reddit is a web-site /entertainment / social network / news website  about what's new and popular on the web. If google is where you go to search for things. Reddit is where you go to see the things that people have found.

Reddit is not just a list about the cool/funny/interesting/educative things people find on the internet. Reddit is divided by sections called Subreddits. A subreddit is where people post only one kind of thing, for example : If you just like sports, politics, TV series, movies, jokes there is a subreddit about it , and if in the case you can't find a subbredit of your interest, Just create it.
For example "aww" is a subreddit where users post images for adorable photos about babys, animals etc. And more subreddits you're subscribed in more personalized is your front page about your interests.

Four dead after crash of a military plane A400M

Four people have died today in the crash of a military plane A400M, Airbus company, a mile north of the San Pablo Airport in Sevilla.

The only two survivors, Jose Luis Augusto and Joaquin Anaya, have been transferred to medical facilities in critical condition.
The Airbus's plane was doing its first fly ever when the plane suffered a problem in flight and tried to make an emergency landing, but it crashed into a pylon while the pilots were trying to land the plane.
We still don't know the cause of that emergency landing but I hope to know that information soon.
Many politics will come today at Sevilla to offer condolences to family victims.

Learned words:

dissabte, 9 de maig de 2015

Games of Thrones

This third trimester I saw a new series called "Games of Thrones". I started to saw it because my friends recommend it to me. I knew about this series, it is very famous, so I tried to gave it an opportunity and saw it.  At the beginning I was very aseptic, I thought it should be a typical medieval series with the classical fights etc. And one hour for each episode, a fact that it didn't give much hope with the series. But I saw it equally, and now I don't regret. Well the first episodes was quite boring but then the storyline it began to be more interesting.
The thing that I enjoy more is there isn't any main character. And that means every character can die by a fight or a conspiracy.
 When a character fights you are really afraid about it and this feeling I think it only happens in Games of Thrones.

Favourite Actors

There is a lot of Actors, Hot actors, Funny actors, Strong Actors, but every actor has his own life and act are they job.
I like a lot of actors  : Jim Carrey, Robert Downey Jr, Ellen Page, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Ian McKellen, Tom Hiddleston, Neil Patrick Harris, Morgan Freeman and a lote more.
But today I am going to talk about  Jim Carry and Robert Downey Jr and why I like them.

Jim Carrey : Jim Carrey is a famous comedian actor from Canada, known for his very crazy, funny and dramatic character on movies like : (Dumb and Dumber) (Liar liar ) (Truman Show) (Bruce Almighty) etc..
Jim is that kind of persona that makes you always your day. And that is why I like him.

Robert Downey Jr : Is a actor famous for his performances in Iron Man (2008), Avengers (2012) Sherlock Holmes (2009) He usually performance a man who is very clever, and with a very high self esteem.
Robert Downey Jr is a actor that everyone, who like Iron Man, loves and his eccentric personality.

Is Internet making the world a better place ?

Nowadays everybody in the first world has Internet and it's part of us, we made internet a part of our lives. We can't deny that Internet has lots of positive features as the tons of information we can obtain but the information overload makes difficult the search of the certain information.

The cloud storage is another positive and unique feature of the internet allowing us access and store our personal data and important files. However, hacker's attack can easily have access to it. Specially for the governments where an attack can make the system more vulnerable.

Entertainment is also a positive characteristic, youtube, chats, games, articles and e-commerce like amazon, ebay, netflix etc. allows us to buy anything without leaving home.

Although Internet piracy allows us to download movies, music, everything for free, stealing from the authors and the big companies. And the worst feature is the deepweb or the unseen web, this part of the worldwideweb, everything is anonymous so criminals use it for they business like drugs, pedophilia, terrorism etc.

In conclusion, Internet is making the world a better place and we have to be responsible to keep the positives facts and remove the bad ones.